How to boost e-commerce sales

To increase e-commerce sales, you have to increase awareness for your brand, give more exposure to your product, and get people talking about your brand.

There are many ways to do it without spending a big amount of money for promotion and online advertising. Here are some of them.

1.Motivate your loyal customers to help you.

Talk to your loyal and big customers and request them to help you talk online about your brand in exchange for some incentives like gifts or big discounts.

2.Reach out to influencers in your industry.

Almost similar to #1 above, contact micro-influencers in your industry. If you are in the fashion industry, you may talk to rising fashion figures and convince them to say something in their social media posts (Facebook or Instagram) about your brand. In exchange, you can give them free products and a mention of their names in your social media posts as well.

3.Tie up with another company.

Another popular way is collaborative promotion or promotional tie-ups with another company that is also active online. The company you choose should be dealing with related products. If you are selling fashion clothes, you can tie up with a company selling shoes or hand bags.

You can jointly promote your products (online and offline) for a limited period of time. This way you also reach out to the other company’s followers.

4.Promote your product as a gift.

Promote your product as a gift suggestion. You may highlight this during holidays or for special occasions like birthdays.

Many e-commerce companies have successfully used the above approaches in boosting their sales. You may have other innovative and creative ways. The key is to make your target market talk about your brand in a positive light.