Using social media for e-commerce

Social media is a powerful channel to grow your e-commerce business. There are hundreds of ways of effectively using it. You and everyone else active online have one time or another tried many methods of promoting your products or services through social media. Here are some of the commonly used tactics on different platforms.

1.Use videos. It is the most viewed content format and easily understood by all types of viewers.
2.Create a video tutorial to explain your product or service.
3.Make a short video about your brand, your company, your employees, or how your product or service has positively affected your customers.
4.Use Facebook Live in launching a new product or service.
5.Launch a flash sale with time-sensitive promo codes.
6.Boost your best-performing posts.
7.Create a series of teaser content to announce a forthcoming major campaign.
8.Launch a contest among those who can post the best picture of themselves using your product or the best testimonial about your product.
9.Post a screenshot of positive reviews or comments on your product on other platforms.
10.Connect with micro influencers in your industry for a possible compensated endorsement of your product.
11.Message people who view your content on LinkedIn especially potential users of your product.
12.Create content which your employees can share on their personal social platforms.
13.Re-purpose and re-share older content particularly those that had good engagement.
14.Post creative ideas on Instagram and ask for comments.
15.Try different image formats like gifs and slides or carousels.

Chances are you have tried some of the above. You may try other tactics. Or, you may have your own innovative approaches which you would like to share. Diversity and creativity enhance social selling.