What is the best way to sell online ?

Many businesses and people are more interested in online business in 2018. But many are wondering where to start. If we search online, we can find many channels to do online business but not all of them are good.

Looking back, when we sell something, we think of Siam Paragon because of its customer traffic. But when we sell clothes, we sell at Pratunam or the Tipping Point. When we sell second-hand phones, we go to MBK. All better than selling at Siam Paragon.

As you can see, some channels sell better than others.

But how do we select the best channels to sell online ? Domanda has found the good channels where to conduct online business.

These channels are those that customers actually patronize. These are the following.


Everybody is selling through Facebook. It is the most popular website in Thailand with 45 million users.

It is a platform that is easy to use. You not only sell the products, but you can also interact with your customers by answering their questions and reading their comments.

Facebook is ideal for selling products for the mass market with a price range of 150 – 900 baht. Other products can be sold here also but the volume of sales is dictated usually by its price range.

Ideal products on Facebook will be :

a. Fashion clothing

b. Cosmetics


After Facebook, there are more people on Instagram with 11 million users in Thailand.

With Instagram, key influencers are being tracked by the platform users. Products followed by key influencers can be sold at higher prices. Most customers belong to the upper class.

Products with price ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 baht can be sold on this channel. Examples of these products are the following :

a. Brand names

b. Services such as massage, spa, beauty clinic, etc.


This channel is another special channel for the Thai people because they use it the most. Line has 33 million active users in Thailand (information from https://infocenter.git.or.th).

Most people who buy here belong to the baby boomer’s group. Our parents mostly belong to this group. They have more buyers compared to Facebook.

The price range is from 400 to 900 baht. The products that are suitable for this channel are the following :

a. Electronic gadgets (not very high-priced).

b. Clothing

c. Cosmetics


Based on people visiting the site, Lazada is number one in the ecommerce platform.

The three channels we have talked about earlier are social media platforms that allow us to close deals. But Lazada is the official Platform Marketplace where you can sell to sell.

With Lazada product management system, people visiting the website reaches 43 million per month.

The ideal product to sell on Lazada are products that customers are familiar with. Products that are complicated to initially understand how to use are not suitable on Lazada although they have a chat function.

The price range to trade on Lazada is 700 to 20,000 baht. Suitable products are the following:

a. Cellphones, electronics, and electrical appliances

b. Home appliances

c. Brand name products with very low prices (2,000 – 4,000 baht)


Shopee is a marketplace platform that focuses on C2C sales, but B2C is also available.

Shopee monthly users reach 26 million. Shopee is more friendly and easier to reach than Lazada. This channel is very suitable for you if you want to earn selling online. Shopee has started with the registration of mobile phone numbers.

Shopee customers are buying at a price range of 300 - 700 baht. Products are mostly suitable for school children. The best products to sell on Shopee are :

a. Clothing

b. Cosmetics

c. Watch

d. Shoes

e. Home appliances

These are the five channels that Domanda recommends to start your business of selling online. You can start selling online easily after work of after school. The decision is yours.